Hi, i was introduced to essential oils by my friend, Lindsay. At first, I was really skeptical and didn’t think that they would really work. I actually researched them for 2 months before I purchased my premium starter kit to try with my family. The first oil I tried was Peace and Calming on my boys’ feet at night. Oh my goodness! They calmed down and relaxed so well. Once I saw results with that, I started trying them for everyday things. At first, my husband was not on board with the oils. It took him several months before he started to really give them a chance. Essential Oils changed his view on essential oils forever. He is now a believer and asks me to give him oils to take on the road with him for work. These oils are truly amazing and they work! I’m so grateful for LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS! - Melissa K. (San Diego, CA)



That really is the most brilliant service I’ve received maybe forever actually, thank you sooo much!
Kind regards




I was drawn to LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS after hearing about the trio of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint being used to combat seasonal sniffles. I have suffered terribly from them my entire life and the idea of finding relief holistically was something I was curious about. I ordered the Premium Starter Kit and started to take the trio every day. I was amazed with how well it worked. I have been using Essential Oils for over a year now and they have changed my life. After having such great success, I began using the oils on my children and husband. My children ask for oils when they have a boo boo or germ season is in affect and I have noticed that they have been much healthier this past year since we started using oils. I have such peace of mind knowing that I am caring for my family with these oils.

- Wendy T. (Fairport, NY)




Got all my products today, truly the best service I've ever experienced, thank you so, so much . .
Regards Faith Tanda


Thank you for taking the time to respond personally. I really appreciated the sense of family, community and integrity in the Still Pure website, and look forward to trying your products.
Best wishes,
Julia Casciola (email)



I can’t tell you enough how much I love your products. I buy your soaps and creams at the Wellness Warehouse in Cape Town and they are the best cleansers for my face AND hair that I have ever found! I don’t use any products with harmful chemicals, and your soaps and creams are a godsend for me. REALLY! Especially because they are so affordable – I tell everybody about them. After doing a lot of research online, I discovered a lot of people are using soap bars like yours (or shampoo bars) for their hair. I know you don’t have a specialised shampoo bar, but I have to say my hair has completely changed using your awesome soaps. It has way more volume and is shinier than it’s ever been – I mostly use the Skin Nourish on my hair. Personally, I think you should market a soap/shampoo bar for hair – then more people could be aware of the amazing benefits. I know many people don’t like using soap for a face cleanser, but honestly – my acne has totally disappeared under the lovely lather of your Skin Repair soap. I am on my fourth Still Pure soap and I will never look back. Anyway, I felt the need to thank you for making products that don’t have nasty parabens or lauryl sulphates or the preservatives that I so desperately avoid (and the reasonable prices that make them accessible to people like me). They are the only products of their kind I can find in CT.


Lucy (Cape Town)




Over the last few years, I “dabbled” in store-bought essential oils here and there. I always had an interest, but I never took the time to really research or use them to their full potential. After seeing a friend share her great success with LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS and doing a little research, I jumped right in and got a kit. Still to this day, I am blown away by the results of what these oils have done for us. They’ve helped with seasonal illnesses, cuts and scrapes, energy, cleaning around the house, and even my husband’s major back soreness from surgery. I am so thankful for all of LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS and products we’ve used this past year. Everyone in our house loves them. My kids will ask for them and even my husband is a true believer – he makes sure I have a travel kit of oils ready for him when he is away!

- Carrie H. (Oak Harbor, WA)




I was looking for some essential oils to add to the goat soap we make on our ranch.  I had no idea about the health benefits.  I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about how she was using essential oils with her family and immediately started asking questions.  I was amazed to start learning about all of the health benefits.  I love to use coriander essential oil to help me relax.  I was able to use essential oils to to help combat a serious medical condition that I was diagnosed with.  My physician has been amazed at what these oils have been able to do!  I have also started using oils with my kids for attention challenges, mood disorders, and overwhelming feelings. We have seen remarkable changes!  I am in love with LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS and all of the health benefits they provide for my family – the changes are miraculous!

- Dyan G. (Seligman, AZ)



I now swear by your Skin Revival for Men. I use it as an aftershave (for my face and head), and, unlike most other aftershaves, is not oily, sticky or heavily perfumed. Once applied, my skin feels soft and fresh.  It has a nuanced, musky note. Bravo!!!

Mike (Western Cape)


I have given Still Pure products as Xmas gifts and birthday gifts and had a great response from everyone. 80% of the people that received gifts wanted to know where they can buy more (I can now refer them to your website). The Anti-ageing Balm (Skin Revival) is fantastic and the body creams (Skin Drink) are beautiful - so are all the other products but I find these two exceptional!

Congratulations to all of you!

Tania Bester (Cape Town)


I discovered LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS through following a friend on Facebook. She would post all these amazing oils and how they helped her and her family. I honestly thought it was too good to be true and kept putting it off. In January 2014, I was completely frustrated with my kids being sick for so long and nothing was helping them get better. I caved in and bought a kit and it was absolutely the best investment ever. Not only did my kids get 100% healthier in the first week using the oils, it has helped my family with numerous things. From overwhelming emotions, stress, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and lack of rest to headaches, breathing difficulties, seasonal sniffles, skin conditions, and sunburn – our list is endless in the ways that these oils have blessed us.  I’m so happy that we took the leap of faith!

- Shauna G. (Kailua-Kona, HI)



Just want to give you some feedback on the soaps I ordered. I have been using my soaps for just about 6 weeks and I am spoilt for life! They are superb! The smell as well as the lather is fantastic. I love them and will definitely be ordering some more! My husband also loves the Shaving Bar - says it doesn't leave his skin feeling dry and stretched after shaving. Wow! That Skin Drink of yours is incredible! It is so good that it lasts for at least 2 days. My skin feels wonderful after I have used it and there is no greasiness at all!. I am also loving the burner that I bought from you. So pleased I found your website on the internet!

Glynis Smuts (Bromhof)




I first learned about essential oils when I was pregnant because I was experiencing lots of symptoms that were related to my pregnancy.  I received my kit a few weeks before my daughter was born, so I was only able to use a few of the basics before life got crazy.  However, my family and I got very sick when my baby was about 6 months old.  It cost us nearly R5,000 in doctor visits / medications / medical equipment – and that was WITH insurance!!!  I decided that we needed a health overhaul and really dove into learning more about my oils.  Now I honestly can’t imagine my life without them!   My little one has not been seriously sick since we started using them consistently, even though she is around lots of people and places.  I love that I can treat my family naturally for the variety of things that come up on a day-to-day basis!   I am constantly learning new ways to use the oils in our home and finding new oils that I want to try.  We are forever changed because of these awesome, natural bottles of goodness!  ♥

- Brianna R.


Ons het in Desember by jul winkel 'n hele paar gekoop en dit is so lekker ek wil nou niks anders gebruik nie. Dankie! Gerhard ( Johannesburg)


My journey with LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS started in June of 2013. The walls of my life felt like they were closing in on me. My kids would not stay in their bed at night leaving me desperate for good rest. Meanwhile, I was fighting a losing battle against tension and neck soreness, both of which inevitably culminated in debilitating headaches. When a friend posted on Facebook about Peace & Calming essential oil, I decided to give it a try. I was astonished that, for the first time in years, I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with my kids’ snoring bodies draped all over me. Cautiously excited, I began seeking out oils that might help with my headaches. As luck would have it, Frankincense was sitting in my kit. I began using the frankincense topically and ingesting it. The results were nothing short of miraculous. After a lifetime of headaches requiring regular trips to the emergency room, injections in my neck and scalp, and every different cocktail of medications, I was finally free. I began using essential oils one year ago and I have not been to the ER for a headache or used regular medications since!

- Wendy M. (Tallahassee, FL)




LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS was the first essential oil to enter our home. I get sick about 5-6 times per year, usually for 2-3 weeks each time. I purchased my premium starter kit with one of the intents being to try LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS. Our family goes to Mexico to serve in an orphanage twice a year and I have gotten sick on all 4 trips that I’ve been on. This last trip in June last year, I was determined to not get sick and I used my Essential Oils diligently. I had the same runny-nosed kids loving on me and coughing in my face who had done so on every other trip. Four of the six adults who went with me became sick, but I was not one of them.  Because of these oils, I have also been blessed with relief of seasonal sniffles, the ability to go to sleep in a reasonable amount of time, calming of emotions, more energy, and really yummy-tasting water!  God provided us with everything we need. I am so very thankful that I have been introduced to Essential Oils so that I can now access these amazing, healing oils for my family as well share them with others.

- Jeanne C. (Pollock Pines, CA)




I first heard about Essential Oils when my youngest daughter was very sick at 8 months old. She was on hourly treatments for what the doctor said could be up to a month. However, a friend of mine told me to try LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS on the bottom of my daughter’s feet to help her as there was no “miracle medicine” for what the doctor told us she had.  I started the Essential Oils routine on day 4, and by day 10 the wheezing was completely gone and she was able to go back to being herself again. I myself suffer from horrible nausea at some point during the day. I just recently found that peppermint oil rubbed on my abdominal area helps the nausea subside. This has been a lifesaver for me!  I am so impressed by these oils and I tell everyone about them. I have the whole doctor’s office I work in using them on a daily basis, as well as many of my family and friends. I am forever changed by them and find myself saying, “I bet there is an oil for that!” to coworkers, friends, and family all the time!

- Heather S. (Camp Verde, AZ)




I have been experimenting with essential oils for over ten years, buying grocery store brands and devouring books on the art of healing with aromatherapy. However, I never really got into using them on a daily basis because I never felt like they worked effectively. My friend Jessica Petty introduced me to Essential Oils and talked about the Seed to Seal process. I was curious enough to purchase the Premium Starter Kit and started using Frankincense and Purification on my face right away. The skin condition that I had for years improved tremendously! I no longer get the deep cysts that I used to. Then I started using Di-Gize on my digestive issues. I have had to go gluten free and dairy free over the last three years. One drop of Di-Gize twice a day in my NingXia Red and I am feeling better than ever. I am now regular with little to no bloating. I use the oils for many other issues like my mood during ‘that time of the month,’ overwhelming emotions, motivation, rest, immune boosting, rashes, insect bites, scrapes, burns, backaches and sore muscles. I am grateful for the Lemon Droppers (our team) for making it so easy to learn how to use nature’s own medicine!

- LeeYen T. (Tokyo, Japan)





I don’t know if I can really share in words how much these oils have changed my life. But they have.  I heard about essential oils from a dear photography friend of mine and was really curious and really skeptical. How could an OIL really help me?  But I was also a little desperate. Matthew, my youngest, had a very rough fall/winter. From November until February he was sick.  Nothing was helping.  That’s when I heard about LORRAINE ESSENTIAL OILS. The more I researched about Essential Oils, the more hope I had that this could really help!  I was still really skeptical, though, and decided to not spend my money on something I couldn’t be sure of.  I was wrong. But I didn’t know I was wrong. So I waited.  I waited three whole months before I decided I wanted to jump into this “oils thing.” I joined a Facebook group for oil enthusiasts and learned a ton. Then I finally ordered the Premium Starter Kit from Meadow Essential Oils.  While I was most excited about the Essential Oils, I also ordered some oils for overwhelming emotions. This is something I’ve lived with my whole life and nothing really helped. So I figured if I was going to try out oils, I might as well just dive in completely!  I started with Oola Balance which I bought in addition to the kit in hopes it would help. I was having one of those days. My boys call it “red alert” lol. I was late to my son’s baseball practice, so I put a couple drops on my wrist and left. Then I forgot about it. About twenty minutes later, I started to feel flushed and a little dizzy. That passed quickly, and my heightened emotions started to fade. It really did work! I was shocked.  Since starting the oils, my family has only been sick once and the bug lasted only 24 hours. Now I use the oils for everything and am constantly amazed at how well they work. I am so thankful that I can do something proactive without worrying about side effects and toxic chemicals. They have truly changed my life!

- Ivy N. (Dallas, TX)




I started using Essential Oils because I was desperate for something to help with my and my daughter’s immune systems. The week my oils arrived was life changing. I realized that not only were the oils going to be great for our immune systems, but we could use them to combat most ailments as well as replace various chemicals in our daily routine with an all-natural alternative. The moment I knew these were the real deal happened to be my first success story with essential oils. I have gotten embarrassing sores on my mouth most of my life. I even have prescription medication because of the severity of the outbreaks along with many over-the-counter ointments. I felt one coming on one day and decided to only use essential oils on it. I applied diluted Essential Oils directly to it once every couple of hours. After the first application, I couldn’t feel the discomfort or tingling. During my last application that evening, I realized there wasn’t anything there. I had my husband check just in case I was going crazy and, sure enough, it was gone! That’s when I knew these oils were going to change our lives.  Oils in our home have become a family affair. We use them for just about everything. My 3-year-old asks for oils by name. She loves Lavender and Peace & Calming before bed. We also rub Thieves on our feet before bedtime and haven’t been sick in months. At first, my husband was a bit skeptical, but after I made him his very own cream to help with soreness, he was hooked. He has a very physical job in the Army and comes home most days needing ice packs, heating pads, and a lot of medication. He has since stopped taking traditional medicines and uses his essential oil cream along with various other oils. I diffuse the sniffles trio every morning (Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint) and no longer need the medicine I was taking for it. If a specific oil doesn’t work for one thing, another one will. From creams to cleaning supplies to substituting most of my conventional medications for essential oils, this experience has been amazing!

- Sarah H. (El Paso, TX)




Am enjoying the products enormously.

They have a very loving, earthy and African energy about them and I feel both grounded and elevated from them!!!


Jennifer Herman (Cape Town)